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The Best Coffee Grinder for Pour Over – Your Top Choices for 2021

Why bother doing the slowest way to make a delicious cup of coffee?

That’s because pour-over coffee is the most basic way of preparing coffee without using a pricey coffee machine. You can get that full-flavored cup of coffee by simply pouring a steady, slow stream of hot water over ground coffee beans.

For pour-over coffee, the most suitable grind is a medium-coarse grind, which is similar in size to the French press grind. So, the best coffee grinder for pour-over is one that can produce a medium-coarse grind.

Here are our top 9 coffee grinder recommendations for pour-over.


Timemore Nano Manual Coffee Grinder

Timemore Nano Manual Coffee Grinder is our top pick. This new release comes with 36 clicks range of grind settings, making it perfect for grinding beans for pour-over. The portable design gives you a light grinder that you can bring wherever and whenever you want to make a good cup of pour-over.

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The Best Coffee Grinders for Pour Over Are:

1. Timemore Nano Black Manual Coffee Grinder — Best Overall

Timemore Nano Manual Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • All-aluminum outer body
  • 36-click range of grind setting
  • Spring folding design
  • CNC stainless steel burrs
  • Self-locking

As the name suggests, this is a very compact grinder that can be made even smaller by collapsing the handle. This is a great travel companion.

The black walnut pommel has a magnet on the inside, which clicks easily. The only downside to the design is that if you are grinding too fast, the handle may come off. That should just regulate your grinding.

The diamond pattern is raised and non-slip, which is great because it adopts a comfortable and ergonomic design for easier grinding. You’ve got a wooden bumper on the backside of the handle for added versatility.

The CNC cutting stainless steel burrs allow for more efficient, precise, and uniform grinding. The 36-click range scale adjustment allows you to meet the preferred taste for pour-over coffee. Another good feature is the aluminum body, which minimizes the overall weight of the device.


  • Extremely portable and travel friendly
  • Stainless steel burrs grind precisely and uniformly
  • Wide range of grind settings for superior grinding
  • Self-locking and foldable for easy storage
  • Non-slip diamond patterns improve grip performance


  • May not be a suitable for more than two cups at one go
  • Too many parts may become loose


Apart from being extremely portable and travel friendly, this nano grinder will grind faster than you would have expected and it’s perfect for medium, medium-fine, and medium-coarse grinds.

Overall Rating: 4.9

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2. 1ZPresso JX Manual Design Coffee Grinder — Easiest to Clean

1ZPresso JX Manual Design Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Internal adjustment
  • 48-mm conical burrs
  • Over 40 clicks range of grind settings
  • 30 clicks per rotation
  • 30 to 35 grams capacity

This grinder is specially made for pour-over. The 48-mm stainless steel burrs produce a remarkably consistent grind that results in a flavorful and clean cup without any unusual flavors. The grinder is super sleek and well-made and also has great attention to detail.

What we truly like about this model is its adjustment, which includes over a 40-click range of grind settings. You can make very small changes to the grind size to find the perfect adjustment for pour-over. You’ve also got 20 clicks range for grinding coffee for espresso.

This model is also super easy to clean compared to other manual models. You can effortlessly disassemble the device without any tools. You will not even have to re-calibrate the burr.


  • It features the smoothest bearings for easy operations
  • The aluminum body is incredibly solid and lightweight
  • Grinding time is exceptionally fast usually under 60 seconds
  • The rubber band offers an ergonomic grip
  • Has a wide range of clicks for effortless grinding 


  • May produce a little static when grinding
  • Could take slightly longer to grind, up to 60 seconds


Overall, 1ZPresso JX is pretty straightforward to use. It will, however, take you approximately 40 to 60 seconds to effectively grind the ideal amount of grind for pour-over coffee.

Overall Rating: 4.8

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3. Cosori Electric Coffee Grinder — Best Single Blade Electric Grinder

Cosori Electric Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • 2.4-ounce capacity
  • 200-watt grinding power
  • Stainless steel grinding chamber
  • Copper wired motor
  • Safety lock mechanism

When you’re brewing a perfect cup of coffee using the pour-over method, every detail matters. This amazing electric coffee grinder from Cosori gives you complete control down to the size of your grinds.

Two hundred watts of grinding power will transform whole beans into your desired ground size in just a few seconds. A simple and ergonomic control button lets you stop grinding as soon as your grounds are of the right size for pour-over and not a second later.

It takes about 12 to 15 seconds to produce fine grounds, 10 to 12 seconds to produce medium grounds, 8 to 10 seconds to produce coarse grounds.

With a heavy-duty and durable 2.4-ounce grinding compartment, you can grind coffee for the entire family. The single blade of this unique electric grinder can easily grind cinnamon sticks and other additives.


  • Large grinding capacity of up to 2.4 ounces
  • Can grind both coffee beans and additives like cinnamon sticks
  • The parts of the grinder are dishwasher safe
  • The safety lock feature prevents the device from starting
  • Easy to stop grinding with the large on/off button


  • It is possible to receive a model with design issues
  • Some of the metallic parts may rust


This is one of the most versatile single-blade electric coffee grinders in the market that is capable of grinding beans, seeds, nuts, and spices.

Overall Rating: 4.8

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4. Brolly Electric Coffee Grinder — Best USB Rechargeable Design

Brolly Electric Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Electric grinder
  • Noise reduction motor
  • Visual splash cover
  • Three-time settings
  • Multi-purpose design
  • Stainless steel bowl

Meet your pour-over coffee grinding requirements with this great model from Brolly. You can grind coffee beans, spices, herbs, grains, and nuts.

This model is fitted with a noise reduction motor, which makes it convenient to use when others are asleep.

The grinder has a lock feature that allows you to unlock the stainless steel bowl. You have to keep the grinding bowl locked during use. You’ve got a splash-proof double lid that does a good job of preventing the ground from spattering.

Start the power by pressing the push switch, which works for 30 seconds at a time. You can change the size of the coffee grounds by pressing the outer lid for 5, 10, or 15 seconds. This allows you to customize the taste of your pour-over coffee.


  • Pressing the outer lid easily changes the size of the ground
  • The bowl locks and unlocks easily for added versatility
  • Mini size is travel friendly for coffee enthusiasts
  • Stainless steel blade can grind beans and spices
  • The transparent cover allows you to see the grind size


  • It may not work while plugged into the power
  • Some of the parts are not dishwasher safe


This uniquely designed grinder is easy to use and clean and will take little space on your kitchen counter. You will also appreciate the noise reduction motor, especially when grinding at night.

Overall Rating: 4.8

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5. Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder — Most Versatile Model

Mr. Coffee Electric Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Press and pour lid design
  • Chambermaid cleaning system
  • Removable chamber
  • Three grind settings
  • Exact measure

Have you been looking for a coffee grinder that is uniquely designed to produce the best grounds for pour-over? Look no further than this great model from Mr. Coffee.

One of the best things about this model is the options in the front, which allow you to choose what kind of grind—medium, coarse, or fine—you want. You can also choose how many cups you want to grind for. This means you don’t have to guess the size and quantity of grind.

You will appreciate the fact that the top parts that hold the coffee and get dirty are separate from the bottom part that holds the electrical components. This allows you to easily remove and wash the upper parts. The top section screws easily into the main unit.

You’ve also got a clear lid that allows you to observe the state of the grind in case you want to make adjustments.


  • Wide opening allows for effortless filling and dispensing
  • Chamber is removable for easy washing
  • Three grind settings allow you to meet the requirements of pour-over
  • The exact measure feature allows you to grind a precise amount
  • The transparent lid makes it easy to observe the grind size


  • The power cord may be too short for some people
  • It is possible to receive a model with troubleshooting issues


This great grinder makes personalizing four to twelve cups of pour-over coffee easy. Just make sure you choose a model with no troubleshooting problems.

Overall Rating: 4.5

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6. Capresso 560 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder — Best Conical Burr

Capresso 560 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Key Features

  • 16 grinder settings
  • Conical steel burrs
  • Zinc die-cast housing
  • 100 wattage
  • 8.8-ounce whole bean capacity
  • 4-ounce ground capacity

If you’re looking for the best conical burr grinder for pour-over, the Capresso 560 Infinity is your top choice.

It has 16 different grinding settings, which is great because you can play with variety. The grind settings are marked onto the grinder in four categories—coarse, regular, fine, and extra-fine. 

The state-of-the-art gear reduction motor, on the other hand, produces less heat and friction. This helps to preserve maximum aroma and flavor.

You’ve got heavy-duty conical steel burrs that are uniquely made to deliver high precision grinding. But here is the thing, the teeth are pretty far apart, which is an indication that the ground is going to be less consistent.

The bean container can hold up to 8.8 ounces of beans. The removable container for ground coffee can effectively hold up to four ounces of ground.


  • Great for grinding Turkish fine to coarse flavor
  • Fineness settings are clearly marked on the device
  • The see-through container has a large holding capacity
  • Variable timer settings allow for superior grinding
  • It grinds with little static build-up and reduced noise


  • It is possible to get excess ground leftover in the burrs
  • The teeth are a little bit far apart and less consistent


What you will like most about this model is the fact that the burrs are static-free. Not to mention that the grinding process is less noisy.

Overall Rating: 4.5

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7. Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder — Best Noise Reduction Motor

Kaffe Electric Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • 3-ounce capacity
  • Blade grinder
  • Ergonomic on/off button
  • Transparent lid
  • Two years extended warranty

Get the perfect pour-over coffee experience with this great electric coffee grinder from Kaffe.

This amazing grinder provides an efficient and quick way to grind beans for pour-over, dripper, and French press among other methods. This allows you to enjoy a lip-smacking cup of coffee in the comfort of your home.

This is a compact unit, which is good for home use and travel. It delivers just the right amount (3 ounces) of grounds. You don’t have to worry about waking your housemates at night or early in the morning thanks to its quiet operation.

The heavy-duty blades make this a multi-purpose grinder in your kitchen. In addition, o grinding beans, you can use it to grind spices, nuts, corn, and other dried foods.


  • The compact design is travel friendly
  • Easy to monitor the grinding via the transparent lid
  • The blade design can grind spices and other dried foods
  • Noise reduction motor operates quietly


  • The bean hopper capacity may be too small for some people
  • Could be better with additional grind settings


This is a great grinder for the money if you prefer pour-over coffee. But just keep in mind that it is a compact design with a limited capacity.

Overall Rating: 4.5

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8. Hario Skerton Pro Manual Coffee Grinder — Large Capacity Hopper

Hario Skerton Pro Manual Coffee Grinder

Key Features

  • Easy to detach crank handle
  • Large capacity glass bowl hopper
  • Stronger grind shaft
  • Stepped grind adjustment
  • Heavy-duty ceramic burrs

The Skerton Pro from Hario has improved versatility, which provides a more consistent grind with less variation in the large and small grind particles created. It has an easier and more convenient way of changing grind settings.

When compared to previous versions, the Skerton Pro has a thicker and much more studier handle. It attaches easily by slipping down onto the shaft through a hex lock. This helps in the transfer of power to the burrs when turning the crank handle.

The Skerton Pro comes with a very large capacity that can hold up to 60 grams of beans. That is almost twice the capacity provided by other hand grinders out there. The hopper has a large opening and a large transparent lid.

This model uses ceramic conical burrs for grinding, which is good because the burrs remain sharp over a long period. The grinder uses stepped grind settings and will produce a wide range of grind sizes that are perfect for pour-over.


  • The uniquely made crank handle allows for easier grinding
  • The non-slip rubber base prevents sliding
  • The ceramic conical burrs guarantee uniform and precise grinding
  • Offers improved grind setting adjustments for superior consistency
  • More ground produced thanks to the large capacity hopper


  • Some models may come with a poorly centered lower burr
  • No grinding size markings on the device


As long as you don’t receive a model with design issues like a poorly centered lower burr, the Skerton Pro is a great choice for pour-over.

Overall Rating: 4.4

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9. Krups Precision Flat Burr Grinder — Best Flat Burr

Krups Precision Flat Burr Grinder

Key Features

  • 12 grind fineness settings
  • 2 to 12 cups quantity
  • 8-ounce coffee bean hopper
  • Premium burr grinder
  • Auto-stop feature

Have you been looking for the best flat burr coffee grinder for pour-over? Then check out Krups Precision.

This model allows you to fine-tune your pour-over coffee with its 12 grind sizes. You’ve even got micro-adjustments for superior extraction of the flavor. Regardless of the type of coffee beans, this well-built flat burr grinder will maximize the flavor profile.

You can choose between two to 12 cups. It has an auto-stop feature that will automatically grind the precise amount of ground you need. The 8-ounce bean hopper offers a significantly large capacity.


  • Flat burr delivers consistent grinding
  • Micro adjustments maximize the flavor profile
  • It is easy to customize the ground quantity
  • The auto-stop feature improves versatility
  • The device is easy to clean and maintain


  • It is possible to experience static during grinding
  • It may fail to grind the selected quantity


This is one of the most versatile and quietest grinders with reliable grind adjustment settings. It will tackle coffee beans with ease to deliver superior consistency.

Overall Rating: 4.4

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Things to Consider When Looking for Coffee Grinders for Pour Over

Here are the most important things to consider when you are searching for the best coffee grinder for pour-over coffee:

Burr Vs Blade

There’re two types of coffee grinders you can choose for pour-over coffee grind and they include:

Blade Grinders

The least expensive pour-over coffee grinders are the blade types. This type of grinder has spinning blades inside just like the ones you will find in a blender or food processor.

They are sharp and will pulverize your beans to fine, medium, or coarse grind. Blade grinders allow you to add additives to your beans like roasted figs, cinnamon sticks, or almonds. 

With manual grinders, you get to save money on electricity costs. Blade grinders, however, may not deliver the same consistency.

Some new manual grinders, however, feature a unique type of grind setting in form of clicks. The best models have thirty to forty clicks, which give you a wide range of settings for fine to coarse grind.

Burr Grinders

Burr models are designed to produce a preset, uniform grind. The coffee beans are crushed between two burrs, one spinning from the motor and the other stationary. This unique grinding system grinds your beans to an even grind.

Although they’re more expensive, the burr models will grind the beans evenly and at several grind settings from coarse to fine. The capacity of this type of grinder is greater compared to the blade grinder. 

The only drawback of burr grinders is that you cannot use them to grind additives like roasted figs or almonds. 

Flat Vs Conical Burr

There’re two types of burr, conical and flat, which produce different flavor profiles. Flat burrs usually produce a smooth, well-rounded coffee grind, while conical ones produce more of a punchy grind flavor.

Both conical and flat burrs improve in performance with increased size. Increased surface area means you will get grinds of a more consistent size. Another key benefit is heat dissipation. A smaller burr will spin faster but with less surface area for dissipating heat, while a larger burr will spin slowly but with a larger surface area for heat dissipation. 

If you're looking for a budget-friendly machine, check out our list of the best budget coffee grinders


How Fine Should Pour-Over Coffee Grind Be?

The most recommended size for cone-shaped pour-over is medium-fine to a medium grind, while the ideal grind for flat-bottom pour-over is medium-coarse.

Does Pour-Over Require a Special Filter?

You need a special filter or pour-over brewer, which can be a dripper or cone. A dripper or a cone is designed to hold the filter.

Can Pour-Over Coffee Ground Be Reused?

You can reuse the ground a second time, but the quality of the coffee, including flavor, taste, and texture will have deteriorated.

Why Is Pour Over Coffee Bitter?

Your pour-over coffee may become unpleasantly bitter if it runs very slowly through the filter. It may also be a sign that your water is too hot.

Is Drip the Same as Pour Over Coffee?

With both methods, you will saturate the grounds with hot water and collect the brew as it drops from the filter.

Final Thoughts

The winner of this roundup is Timemore Nano Manual Coffee Grinder. What sets this model apart is the fact that it is extremely portable and has a good value price point. It is the perfect companion for pour-over coffee enthusiasts. The all-aluminum outer body is lightweight and durable, while the stainless steel internal structure is corrosion and rust-resistant. 

Unlike traditional manual grinders, this unique model is fitted with a pure steel burr that produces precise and efficient grinding. This model has 36 clicks range of grind settings, which allows you to adjust the grind to medium-fine, medium, or medium-coarse for pour-over coffee. 


Born in Italy but currently brewing from the UK, Giada is a highly-caffeinated coffee expert with a soft spot for espressos. She worked in cafés for years and has recently fallen in love with the practical Kalita Wave (just don’t tell her Italian moka pot!).

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