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Best Nespresso Pods: Flavors You Need to Try Now

Making coffee from bean to cup allows you to enjoy optimal flavor and aroma, but it can be cumbersome. If you’re one of those who want their caffeine fix in an instant, a Nespresso machine is a must-have. 

With a Nespresso machine, there’s no need to measure different ingredients to ensure the best taste in every cup. All you need is a pod, pop it in the machine, wait for a few minutes, and you will soon be sipping a treat. 

Clueless about the best Nespresso pods to try? Read on and we’ll walk you through some of the top products that should be on your radar. 


Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Line Variety Pack

If we have to pick only one product, it would be Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Line Variety Pack. It has three boxes with ten pods each. The flavors range from balanced to rich. The pack has three varieties: Stormio (Nicaraguan and Guatemalan beans), Odacio (Nicaraguan and Ethiopian beans), and Melozio (Brazilian and Central American beans). 

Our Top Picks for the Best Nespresso Pods Are:

Nespresso pods are available in a wide range of flavors. They also differ in terms of their compatibility. Below are the best options that should be on your list. 

1. Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Line Variety Pack - Best Overall

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Line Variety Pack

Key Features: 

  • Comes with three varieties – Stormio, Odacio, and Melozio 
  • Each pod brews 7.8-ounce coffee 
  • 30 pods in one set, ten pods per box

The best thing about this pod set is the assortment of flavors available. Whatever tickles your taste buds, there is something for everyone. You will find three flavors: 

  • Stormio: For those who prefer something bold, this is the perfect option. It is a mix of Guatemalan-washed Arabica and Nicaraguan beans. Expect a blend of spicy and woody flavors. 
  • Odacio: Made from a combination of Arabica beans from Ethiopia and Nicaragua, it has a full-bodied flavor with hints of cereal. If you want a softer flavor, consider adding milk. 
  • Melozio: The least intense of the three flavors in this set, it has a smooth and balanced taste. The beans used in this capsule are Central American Arabica and Brazilian Bourbon. 

Like other Nespresso pods, we love how sustainable the packaging is. Each pod is recyclable, so you can minimize the environmental impact of your coffee. Nespresso recycling bags are available for recycling the aluminum capsules. 


  • Includes three of the company’s best-selling blends
  • Available in a range of intensities
  • Has a recyclable packaging


  • The air seal has poor quality


With three flavors in one set and varying intensity levels, this is our favorite because you get to choose depending on what suits your taste. 

Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5 

Nespresso Capsules Original Line Bestseller Variety Pack

Key Features: 

  • Combination of medium and dark roast 
  • Each pod brews 1.35 ounces 
  • Five flavors, ten pods each 

Like the first product above, this is also a perfect option for people who are looking for variety. Below are the five flavors you get to taste: 

  • Capriccio: It is a blend of South American Robusta and Arabica beans. With a rating of Intensity 5, it has a distinctive and rich flavor, which is the lightest of the varieties that are included in this set. 
  • Ispirazione Genova Livanto: With Intensity 6, this pod makes a coffee with a delicate sweet aroma and rounded flavor, which is reminiscent of authentic Italian coffee. It uses a mix of Brazilian Arabica and Central and South American Arabica. 
  • Ispirazione Roma: To deliver an Intensity 8 complex flavor, it uses a blend of 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta. It has a beautifully complex but subtle aroma. 
  • Ispirazione Firenze Arpeggio: Drawing inspiration from Florence, this Intensity 9 coffee is made of Latin American Arabica. It has a dark and deep roast.
  • Ispirazione Ristretto Italiano: With a rating of Intensity 10, this is the most robust of all the pods in this set. The distinct personality is a result of a mix of Brazilian Arabica and South Indian Robusta beans. 


  • Uses a wide range of coffee varieties
  • Good on its own or with frothed milk
  • Smooth yet rich with a bold aroma


  • Pods are easily prone to dents


With five pods in one kit, it has varying intensities from 5 to 10, so you can choose from a wide array of balanced and robust coffees. 

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5 

Nespresso Capsules Original Line Ristretto Decaffeinato Series

Key Features: 

  • Dark roast decaf
  • Intensity 10 
  • Makes 1.35 ounces 
  • Five packs, ten pods per pack 

If you want to enjoy coffee but you do not like caffeine, this is the perfect option. You can drink it any time of the day without worrying about sleeplessness or palpitation, among other common effects of caffeine. 

The rich flavor of this coffee despite not having caffeine is attributed to its slow split roasting. With a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans, each cup is reminiscent of the Italian coffee culture. 

In terms of the aroma, it has a subtle acidity and hint of fruitiness. Nonetheless, since it is decaf, the smell is not as robust as what you can expect in others with caffeine. 


  • No pronounced bitterness common in decaf coffee
  • Has thick and intense flavor sans the caffeine
  • Great acidic and fruity notes


  • Lacks a robust aroma


Enjoy coffee anytime without worrying about the effects of caffeine with these Nespresso pods made using a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans. 

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5 

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Line Voltesso

Key Features: 

  • Makes 1.35 ounces 
  • Intensity 4 
  • Five boxes, ten pods each box 

If you love espresso, you will like this Nespresso pod. It is a mild roast, so it is ideal for people who prefer a strong kick of caffeine without overwhelming bitterness. 

In terms of flavor, it is light and sweet, nothing overpowering. The biscuit-like flavor is a result of using Brazilian Bourbon coffee. The mix also includes Colombian coffee, which is responsible for giving a slight acidity. The latter is also attributed to having a light roast. 

More so, it has a gentle and sweet aromatic profile. This is because of its slow and low-temperature extraction. 


  • Mild espresso flavor with a slight nuttiness
  • Provides the energy you need for the day
  • Great combination of light and sweet


  • Some pods seem underfilled


With these pods, you can make light and flavorful espresso-based beverages without bitterness. 

Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5 

Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Line Barista Flavored Pack

Key Features: 

  • Makes 7.8 ounces per pod 
  • 170 to 200 mg of caffeine 
  • Three boxes, ten pods each 

You can save yourself a trip to your favorite coffee shop with this kit. The pods are available in three flavors, each reminiscent of a cup prepared by an expert barista. 

  • Caramel Cookie: The buttery biscuit flavor of this coffee will remind you of your childhood. 
  • Vanilla Custard Pie: Infuse your coffee with the flavors of creamy vanilla by using this pod. It also has a silky texture that makes it easy to drink. 
  • Hazelino Muffin: If you like pastries, then you will love the sweet and smooth flavor of this coffee. 

Aside from being flavorful, we love how it eliminates the guesswork. Each pod contains everything that you will need to achieve the full flavor. No need to add sugar milk, syrup, or any other ingredient.


  • Has delicious barista-inspired flavors
  • Dairy and gluten-free
  • No need to add sweeteners or other ingredients


  • Not for people who prefer dark coffee


Prepare a caffeine fix like a barista with this set of pods available in three flavors – caramel cookie, vanilla custard, and hazelino muffin. 

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5 

Starbucks by Nespresso Blonde Roast Espresso

Key Features: 

  • Intensity 6 
  • Pack of five, ten pods each 
  • Each capsule makes .85 or 1.35 ounces

If you are a Starbucks fan, then you will love this Nespresso pod. The two companies collaborated to deliver a rich-tasting coffee with a mellow flavor. 

The versatility of this coffee pod is one of its best benefits. It works with various Nespresso machines, including Pixie, Essenza Mini, and Creatista, among others. 

With these pods, you have the option to make two drink sizes – ristretto or .85 ounces and espresso or 1.35 ounces. Regardless, you can expect that both drinks will have soft and balanced flavors, which lean towards the sweeter and milkier side. 


  • Works with various Nespresso models
  • Has a mellow flavor
  • Produces great crema


  • Not for those who like their coffee bitter


Make something sweet and milky with these pods, which are a collaboration between Nespresso and Starbucks. 

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5 

Nespresso Capsules Original Line Kazaar Intenso

Key Features: 

  • Dark roast 
  • Pack of 5, 10 pods each 
  • Makes 1.35 ounces 

For people who like their coffee strong, it is hard to go wrong with this pod. It has Intensity 12, which is the highest of the products in this review. 

The strength of this coffee is made possible by the use of Guatemalan and Brazilian Robusta beans. It also has separately roasted South American Arabica beans, resulting in a powerful bitterness. To balance it out, the coffee has peppery notes. Overall, it will make your drink rich but creamy.


  • Has a nice kick
  • The peppery notes balance the bitterness
  • Great aromatic profile


  • The flavor can be too strong for some


This dark roast coffee has noticeable bitterness, making it the perfect option for people who like their coffee strong. 

Overall Rating: 4.6 out of 5 

How to Choose Nespresso Pods 

Picking the best Nespresso pods can be overwhelming, so to help you narrow down your choices, below are some of the most important considerations: 


One of the first things to think of is the compatibility of the pod to the equipment that you will be using. Unfortunately, not all Nespresso machines will work with all the pods. For instance, if you have an Original Line machine, you can use it only with Original Line pods. The same thing is true if you have Vertuo line. 


The flavor of the coffee pods depends on many things, such as the origin of the beans. The latter will affect how rich or balanced the flavors are. More so, you can also find some pods with different flavorings to make them sweeter. 


Look at the caffeine content of each pod as you decide what to buy. It is one of the factors that will determine the bitterness of your coffee. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you can opt for the company’s decaffeinated pods, which are equally flavorful. 


To differentiate the flavors and aromas of their coffee pods, Nespresso provides an intensity rating. The higher the number, the more intense your drink will be. If you are not an avid coffee drinker and you like your caffeine fix mild, it is best to go for one with a low intensity. 

Nespresso rates the intensity of their pods from 1 to 13. Those from 1 to 6 are classified as light. Meanwhile, those with a rating above 8 are known for being dark and intense. They undergo a longer roasting process, which means that they have a stronger flavor. 


Can you recycle Nespresso pods? 

Yes, you can recycle Nespresso pods. As a part of its sustainability initiatives, the company developed recyclable packaging, so you can minimize waste associated with your daily caffeine habit. 

Nespresso has over 122,000 collection points around the world. 90% of the company’s users have a nearby recycling facility. All that you have to do is to fill the recycling bag with used pods and hand them over to the postman the next time your order is delivered.

After collection, the aluminum pods are sent to a recycling facility. The aluminum is then separated from coffee particles that remain in the packaging. The residual coffee, in turn, makes its way to partner farms and will be used as compost. On the other hand, the aluminum is recycled into other aluminum products.

How much caffeine is in a Nespresso capsule? 

The caffeine content depends on the specific variety of the Nespresso pod that you are using. Most of them will range from 50 to 100 mg of caffeine in every capsule. If you do not like caffeine, however, there is also an option for decaffeinated Nespresso pods. 


Overall, Nespresso Capsules Vertuo Line Variety Pack wins this review. It is a variety pack with three dark roast flavors. The intensity ranges from 6 to 8. Whether you like your coffee rich and strong or balanced and smooth, these pods are sure to make your caffeine fix more delicious. 

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